It’s that time again!

The New Zealand International Film Festival has arrived to our shores once again – Yay for watching movies! Boo for being broke! – so it’s time to part with my well earned monies and go get some culture in me.

Now at the risk of this turning into a thirteen year old’s diary where the names of cute boys have been replaced with movie titles, too bad, I’ve just gotta write about this. But before you start rolling your eyes at yet another movie review blog… THIS IS NOT A MOVIE REVIEW BLOG! I just need a little space to get out my impressions and experiences during this time so I am able to clearly remember the films I watch. It’s also a preemptive strike to make sure I know what I thought of a film before movie critics come crashing into my mind and completely alter my views ><

Sooo many films!!!!
Sooo many films!!!!

In order to prepare my body and mind for the ultimate in film watching experience, I went to a couple of warm-up films this week. The first on the list was somewhat reluctantly Pacific Rim. What can I say but awesome fights and mind-numbing exposition (my greatest film pet peeve). Honestly, every time one of the characters talked I wanted to punch a kitten… or spear-tackle the people rudely talking at top volume behind us.

Then on the Wednesday we got tickets to a preview screening of Edgar Wright’s The World’s End. Not quite as good as it’s two predecessors but certainly a great send off with plenty of laughs. The downside to this film viewing was the scolding hot pizza we’d scoffed before running down Queen St and arriving a little late (stupid pizza, why you take so long to cook???). But apart from my raw and throbbing mouth it was a great night.

And then the film festival began!
With excitement turning my belly to rocks and making me need to pee, my flatties and I arrived at the Civic theater for the ultimate in horror film viewing: Goblin plays Suspiria. Yes, the 70s prog-rock group were in New Zealand to play the soundtrack to Suspiria. Live. With the film. In front of my eyes. Wow. With a few beers down the hatch I gripped my neighbors’ hands (yes, I knew them, I’m not a creep), and let the reverb of the drum vibrate towards me in waves. All I can say is “What a Suspiriance!”

And lastly, the final film we saw this week was The Act of Killing. A documentary where glorified gangsters in Indonesia recreate the “Heroics” of their youth by staging and recounting the countless horrific murders they committed against “Communists”. Chilling. And with the mix of tones I was often at a loss as to how I was supposed to feel/react. Very poignant.

What a start to what is sure to be an amazing few weeks. Bring it on!!!!!


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