ESCAPE! -Just sign here, here and… here

Ahhhhh! I’m doing it, I’m finally doing it. Casting off the shackles of society, throwing caution to the wind, blindly rushing head first into the unknown with just a bag on my back and google maps on my phone. FREEEEEDOOO–

Hold it.

Before you get too carried by the promise of adventure, there’s just one small matter to take care of. Visas. Just the word stresses me out!

Ok so let’s start this again: I am leaving the pacific in less than 3 months. I’m off to Europe and Africa and the UK. But I can’t get far or stay for very long without the required visas.

Fly my prettiest. FLY!!!!
Fly my pretties. FLY!!!

Applying for my UK ancestry visa was probably the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. So much paperwork! Plus a wonderful, non refundable $580, which means that  if I don’t get my visa, I also don’t get my monies! They need birth certificates from EVERYONE! Plus marriage certificates, passports, photos, addresses in the UK where I will be staying (I’m not arriving there for another 18 months!!??), bank balances, work statements, CVs, job search evidence, citizenship certificates etc… you get the idea. Bleh! And then you mail it all off to Indonesia (Why doesn’t anywhere in NZ or Aus process it??) and pray nothing gets lost ><

Anyway, I did all that and got an email back from Manila saying “Your visa will be dispatched soon, you can check your track and trace in about three days”. Does that mean I have it? Has my application been approved?? I was expecting something at least saying “Your visa has been approved” or “Now you’re free to chase your dreams”. So more finger crossing until it arrives back I guess :/

And then I’m FREEEE- Wait, hold up. I’ve still got to go to Wellington for my French Working Holiday visa… I’ll never escape ><


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