Bienvenue à Bruxelles!

What a week, I can’t believe I’m on the complete other side of this entire planet! Western Europe is about as far from New Zealand as you can get, but it doesn’t feel it. Although I do still have giant bruises from my two day plane ride… what did they do to me?

I’m in Brussels (Belgium), in the most amazing hostel (The Meininger) and I can’t sleep. So here’s what’s been happening so far:

My first day here I decided to start nice and early and walk to the comic museum. Don’t do that. This place is a bloody ghost town in the mornings, not very stimulating. Sleep in! But the museum was pretty great and I was there just as they opened, so it worked out alright.

There's comic art everywhere!
There’s comic art everywhere!

I left NZ with many a fearful word trailing behind me: “There are pickpockets everywhere in Europe” “Your trip sounds like the beginning of a horror movie” “Don’t go all Hostel while you’re there” “New Zealanders are too naïve, don’t trust anyone!” Spooky right? But on my second day here I kissed a stranger (on the cheek), chatted in stilted French to a Moroccan guy in the park (he congratulated me on my Arabic name) and managed to sneak into the art and history museum. And I’m still alive!

That's some crazy stone work
That’s some crazy stone work

Everyone here has the most amazing bikes! Mostly rundown old fixies or squeaky commuters. The cycle tracks look kinda confusing as they jump from footpath to road and back again, but I think I’ll give it a go tomorrow and rest my poor feet. Because deciding to forgo all forms of public transport and see the whole city by foot has me in bed by 6pm every night haha!

Food, beer, food, more beer! It’s great being in a country that’s famous for fries, waffles, beer and chocolate! Although apart from pain au chocolat I haven’t had any of their world renowned chocolate yet. Must get on to that!


So my Europe adventure has started off perfectly, bring on the next million things!


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