Castle time!

While I’m on the Luxembourg buzz, I might as well write about my day trip to Vianden. It went something like this:

“Oooh, there’s a famous castle? It only takes an hour to get there? Done!”

On my second full day in Luxembourg I walked down to the central station, popped into the local Delhaize (the super market that you can find anywhere) for a sandwich to take on my trip,  and jumped on a train. In Luxembourg you can travel anywhere in the “Grand Duchy” (fancy!!!!) for just €4 per day, score!

To get to Vianden I had to take a train to Ettelbruck and then switch to the bus to Vianden. So with my pass in hand I trotted over to the bus station. The 570 pulled up and as I was getting on I thought to ask “allez-vous à Vianden?”, but at the last minute I decided not to ask. Apparently I thought it was more fun to get on a bus without knowing it’s destination?? Anyway, of course it was the bus to Vianden.

Vianden was the cutest little village! Though it seems mostly set up for the tourist market which was awkward since I seemed to be the only visitor there… The stores were open, tables set outside the restaurants, but no one was around. Maybe it’s the off peak season?

Anyone home?
Anyone home?

Listening to The Story so Far, memories of their Auckland show linking me to home in the way only music can, I walked up the hill to the castle. At the counter I paid my  €3 and went in. Much like the casements in the city, the castle was more impressive for what wasn’t there. It’s the heaviness in the air, the whispers in the corridors, the impressions of a time long gone by that makes the experience. Of course the inside has been done up to replicate how it would have looked all those years ago, but that’s not what I was there for.

Is it bad that I was kinda disappointed?
Is it bad that I was kinda disappointed when I first saw it?

After my tour of the castle I headed up the hill to get a better view. For once I was thankful for the sturdy shoes I had brought with me. Along the path were a few shrines carved into the stone with statues of St Mary. Someone had even left fresh flowers! It was all a little eerie. Particularly with no one around.

Who's climbing up here?
Who’s climbing up here?

At the very top was a building with “Flying chairs”, aka chairs suspended on wires much like a ski chair-lift. I suppose when there are a lot of tourists it carries people up and down the mountain. But like I said, I was the only person around so I turned and walked back down the hill (So much more treacherous on the way down!).

Vianden from above
Vianden from above

By this time I was pretty darn tired so I walked back through the village and waited at the tiny bus station for my bus. A day well explored.

Cue awkward selfie moment
Cue awkward selfie moment

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