Every tooth is sweet

I don’t think anyone can love sugar like the Europeans. Not even close.
I’m living with a group of people in Belgium right now (more to come on that later…) and I have never seen anything quite like their dietary habits. No matter how healthy it starts, dinner is always finished with a generous dollop of chocolate spread or “choco” that coats every inch of bread in a thick, sticky goo. Parents back home wouldn’t even let their kids eat as much syrupy sucrose as these grown adults chow down on.
Yesterday we had pancakes, the thin crepe type, and the only topping supplied was sugar. One by one the adults lined up to scoop one, two, three dessert spoons of sugar onto one thin pancake, roll it up and dig in. You could hear the crunch from the countless granules like sand ground under a shovel.

Now I like sweets just as much as the next person, but let’s not get carried away. While they’re fighting for the last of the nutella I’ll take an extra helping of bread and cheese thanks!


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