So Much Sad

Are YA novels getting sadder or am I just getting more in touch with my inner angsty teen?

I’d had a bit of a break from teen fiction for a while, not because I don’t enjoy it, just because I had other things taking up my time. But I decided that as I started traveling I could use those familiar books to fill in the silence of the plane, train or empty hostel.
Cue the waterworks.

Far out every series I’ve read has had me bursting into uncontrollable tears! In my youth I read some sad stuff, but even the ending of the Northern Lights books or Tomorrow When the War Began couldn’t get me balling.

The Hunger Games
Ketchup Clouds

Why you gotta be so sad??
I’m too scared to start a new series now!… But I love YA novels so much… Ahh the dilemma.

Maybe I should just give in to the cathartic sadness and go read The Fault in Our Stars.


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