Hold Up… I’m Working??

I’ve been in Marrakech for exactly three weeks now. Wow. Time is crazy weird. And apart from every inch of me being covered in itchy bites (the cat must have left me a present last night), I’m having a great time.

Bad kitty!
Bad kitty!

I’m on the workaway buzz again, living with a French family and speaking English with their kids. It’s rather a cushy job: help them get ready for school in the morning and then take care of them afterschool, including getting the homework done. School hours and weekends off to explore or sit by the pool. Plus I get lots of French practice which is a super helpful because let’s face it, I’m not setting aside time each day to practice on my own. Ooops!

Never did I think I would actually do the whole “Au Pair” thing. I don’t have the greatest affinity with little kids. Sure I can admire their cute little faces from afar but I was never one of those “Cool” older kids at church or dance class or camp that all the kids wanted to follow around. Heck, I wasn’t even the favourite older sister in my family. But all that aside I think it’s going well here. They can be little terrors at times and stubborn as the mules in the medina, but I’m slowly gaining their respect and at least they listen to me now when I tell them to do things they don’t want to do.

Rather nice digs
Rather nice digs

Actually they’re pretty cute, the young boy (four) still hasn’t quite realised where the line between French and English is so says things like “Once when I was at the plage I went nage-ing when I still had my shoes on!” or “Tu peux mettre ça dans my room”. Funny.

And I seem to have made a good impression on the parents because next month the kids are off to stay with their grandparents in France for three weeks and I’m going with them, airfare included. Yay!

But for all my free time, I generally find myself holed up on my room reading books all day. I feel like I’ve gone back in time to the six months before I started uni when that’s all I did. Day in day out reading on my bed in the countryside. Except I’m in Morocco, I should be out and about! Ah well. I decided to read outside yesterday (for the first time in three weeks!) and it was glorious. Must do that again, maybe I can even get a tan!–ok perhaps that’s pushing my luck.

Sun and green tea
Sun and green tea

Anyway, it should be evident by now that I’m really not the type of traveller who likes to be constantly on the move, rushing from place to place and doing all the touristy things. That’s why workaway and other volunteering programmes are so great. I can take my time, do everything at my own pace. I can sleep all day without guilt and read books without feeling like I’m running out of time to see the sites. Maybe I’m just lazy but, after years of fulltime study and work, it’s nice to have the opportunity to just do nothing!

Anyway, it will be a whole ‘nother story when I finally make it to Toulouse, so I need to make the most of it while I can!!! … Now off to rediscover Cardcaptor Sakura…


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