First World Problems of the Traveling Kind

With the emotional numbness I felt before my departure following me like a comforting apathetic shadow, I’ve been able to avoid not only the extreme highs but the extreme lows that come with traveling alone. Yes, it’s frustrating that the only time I’ve really felt any heightened emotion was when my camera ran out of batteries, but I’m grateful for the equilibrium I’ve managed to keep. Even if I’ve experienced some beautiful moments in a rather detached way (I just want to feel!).

Never the less, there are things that give you pause as you dive into your adventure head first. These are the things currently weighing on my mind:

When does the speaking good start??

Oh learning another language, you so tricky! I do believe my listening skills are improving but acquiring more French is a rather daunting process. I feel I’ve improved on the speaking front when it comes to words and grammatical structures I already knew (I can talk about food and travel like they’re going out of season… not quite sure what the expression means but I think that’s right), but new vocab is quite frankly elusive. It’s always fun talking to someone with no knowledge of English (ie the kids’ grandma who’s just arrived) and realising that every sentence you want to say contains at least one word (if you’re lucky) that you don’t know. So you’re just standing there impotently nodding and repeating “oui, oui” like a fool.

Visas are annoying

Turns out I’ll be arriving in France exactly one day before my visa starts. Great. The French aren’t known for their pedantic bureaucracy, right??? Depending on how it plays out at arrivals (yup, I’m just going to wait and see what happens), I may be facing a quick trip to England and back before I start my TESOL course to activate the visa. Expensive much. And since I only have a day to spare it’s going to be such a wasted trip. Maybe I can activate it at the Mairie (Mayoral office)? Fingers crossed!

The postman hasn’t even rung once

I’ve been at my current address for almost five weeks and haven’t received any mail. This includes the international driving permit that was sent to me before I even arrived and a birthday parcel from my mum. Lame! I’m not too sure what I should do as it is completely out of my hands. Maybe it was foolish to think post would get to me in Africa, but come on, I’m not living in the middle of the Atlas Mountains or anything! Surely they’ll arrive eventually and I can just get them forwarded on to my new address… so long as they don’t get lost again!

I have been defeated

Alright, well done, you got me. Morocco, you have officially won:

There is no coming back from this
There is no coming back from this

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