Who Needs France When You’ve Got Pirates!

Today is my last day in Morocco. It’s been fun but I’m definitely ready to head off. It all gets a bit much after a while and by the time you’re walking through the souks pretending to listen to music and scowling when someone tries to walk with you, you know the fun’s over. I even, to my shame, resorted to saying I have a boyfriend to get someone off my back, which was something I’d sworn never to do (this post sums it up better than I can). I would like to come back one day, but a bit of a break is needed.

So now it’s off to France. Huzzah! Finally! “You must really be cramming some French grammar!” I hear you saying… well… no. “Oh, well you must be finishing off your first assignment for your TEFL course then!” yea… that… *Shifty eyes

I have reverted to my teen self’s method of procrastination. Namely: writing YA fiction.

Yup, I found the novel I started at 16 as a way to not study during my first semester of uni. Oh hi pirate novel, time to get you finished!


That trip to Essaouira just keeps on giving
That trip to Essaouira just keeps on giving

So instead of getting anything productive done I am spiralling back into the mindset of an angsty teen; writing about abandonment, frustration, self worth and inner strength. Yay teens! What am I going to do with it when I’m finished? Oh i dunno. Send it to some pals to critique and then let it sit gathering cyber dust on my computer. Sounds about right.

I only have about 15,000 words to go, I hope France doesn’t mind my lack of total, undivided attention until it’s done.


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