Talent Overload


In case you didn’t know, my super talented and creative little sister draws the cartoons that occasionally crop up on my blog. Often I’ll be writing something and flick her a text like “I’m writing about xyz… can you send me a picture for it…like now?” and bam! My wish comes true and I have a super cute picture to make my words more exciting.

But where, you may well ask, can we find more of her work? Well worry no longer because next Saturday (the 4th of Oct) you can find her and her work at an art convention known as Overload. It’s a really awesome event in Auckland where local and international artists display and sell art and comics and all sorts of exciting, cool, nerdy, weird things. Plus cosplay. Did I mention cosplay??

She goes by “Just Bearable”, so if you’re in the area definitely hunt down her table and check out all her fancy stuff (and hi-five her for me … wahhh, I want to go!!!). She’ll be selling original prints, fan art, a super cute and hilarious zine, and sweet little badges. Go do the looks!!!

But if you won’t be in the area, have no fear! You can check her out online on tumblr and facebook. But really, her face is too cute not to check out her stuff in person!

Here’s a sneak peek to get you excited:




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