Getting My Hunt On

I am so sleepy, this setting up in a new country thing is hard! Not only is there all the job hunting junk to do –endlessly walking through the city handing out CVs to whomever I can guilt-trip into taking them—but the whole “finding somewhere to live or you’ll be out on the street” rubbish as well. Blegh!

But of course, we all know nothing’s ever easy in France. Luckily I’ve got a great bunch of pals in the city (even if we all speak in English… grrrr), who are always around to help/ join in the complaining/ drink another beer with.

And yet despite my complaints, in the last week or so everything seems to have fallen into place. I’ve steadily been building up my work hours with kids, teens and adults: both privately and at the surrounding schools. I work at seven different places!! And while my schedule isn’t crazy full, add in all the travelling and lesson planning time and I think I’ve reached my quota. I don’t have a lot of free time but monies so yay!

Monies for all the chocolatines!
Monies for all the chocolatines!

And in other news, the thing I’m most excited about is that my pal and I finally found a flat after two months of searching… hooray!!!! It’s been a rather demoralising process as French landlords have very strict criteria and we don’t meet any of them. Like not even one. But we got lucky and got the keys yesterday, all ready to move in over the next two weeks. Eeeep!

So I guess what I’m saying is there’s light at the end of the scary, make-it-work-or-go-back-to-NZ-in-shame tunnel and I hope to find my rhythm soon. These last few months have sapped me of so much energy I feel like I could sleep for weeks. And maybe I can once I move into my new place. Excitement! And of course there will be photos as soon as it’s presentable.

J’ai hâte! (thought I’d better try get some French in there :P)


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