Please Just Stop… PLEASE JUST STOP!


Yup, so that happened yesterday. My new flatty and I went to sort out our internet and when we arrived at the store the first thing we noticed was an American woman yelling at the sales assistant… in English… Yup that’s how languages work: if the person you’re speaking to doesn’t understand, just repeat yourself slower and 100X louder and they’ll suddenly be able to speak your language. Good one lady.

But seriously, how hard is it to google translate what you want to say and read it out? Or at the bare minimum at least find out what the French word for “five” is (hot tip, it’s cinq).

We were actually soooo embarrassed haha!

A few minutes into our meeting with our own sales assistant we were left on our own so we switched to English. When our helpful assistant came back she realised with relief that we could speak English and my pal was carted off to play translator. Apparently the woman was still going for it… eventually through sheer willpower she’ll break through the language barrier. Right? RIGHT??

So please, I’m begging you, if you’re in a foreign country at least try to make yourself understood in their language. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just pick out the most important words you’ll need. You’re giving the rest of us a bad rep.

(P.S If anyone out there manages to find themselves in the same situation, stay calm, speak quietly and repeat: J’ai mis cinq euros sur mon compte)


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