Paris for New Year’s, Because Why Not?

I’ve been told that Japan has therapy centres specifically for people to get over their disappointment of Paris. Whether that’s true or not, I can see why people might be disappointed by “The most romantic city in the world”. But I still liked it. YAY!

This wasn’t the first time I’d been to Paris, I stopped over for a night on my way to Toulouse and was too lazy to blog about it… ooops! But here are some photos I took on that trip so everything’s ok now:


Anywho, we drove to Paris on New Year’s Eve to stay with a friend’s cousin in his rather posh apartment in the financial district. Having become used to the twangy accent of the South, I found his Parisian accent super funny, probably more so than it should be. Meh, so posh so posh!

In true Frenchy style we sat around eating snacks (or aperitifs), and speaking in French until around 11pm when it was time for dinner. One weird thing (amongst a million weird things) about the French is that when they open a new bottle of wine and they haven’t finished their glass, they’ll just chuck out what they haven’t drunk and fill up with the new stuff. So I was in this awkward position of either pouring perfectly good wine down the sink or chugging it… I couldn’t let it go to waste!

At 1am we were ready to hit the town! No, I won’t be uploading any of the photos from that night, but suffice it to say we were in a weird Irish bar with rather annoying dance music and we didn’t leave until 5. But it was fun, and by six we were back at the apartment, comatose on the various beds and couches.

The next day was site-seeing day, hooray! And even though we had a real Parisian as our guide we pretty much just did what we wanted and ignored all his advice (of course we can see all of Paris by foot, what are you talking about fool?!). We saw all the usual things and it was quite cool because the Champs Elysees was closed to cars for parades and the Christmas market. Which would have been magical if not for the horse poo all over the street (better than the dog poo all over Toulouse though).

Ferris wheels make everything magical
Ferris wheels make everything magical

It was dark by the time we arrived at the Eiffel Tower which was super pretty, especially when they turned on all the sparkly lights.

We took the metro home and during the ride I was taught more French “expressions” which it seems only one person in the whole of France understands (trust me, I’ve tried them on people since arriving home and noone knows what the heck I’m on about). Such phrases include “Je fais chanter les guitars” (meaning you’re running really fast) and “Tu me prends pour un sep/jambon?” (used when you think someone’s mocking you).

The next day it was time to go home. Having discovered there is a Marks and Spencer close to where we were staying, my pal took an early trip there to stock up on bacon, sausages and beans which are impossible to obtain in the South (well, only the French versions).

Our Holiday was over but what a wonderful and much needed break it was!


* * * * *


My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the 12 people murdered at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris today. Such devastating news to come home to this evening and a terrifying reminder of how fleeting and precious life is.


2 thoughts on “Paris for New Year’s, Because Why Not?”

  1. Gorgeous post. Really enjoyed reading it and it makes me even more excited than I already was about visiting Paris. Not too sure when I’ll get there but hopefully sometime soon as I’ve been dreaming about it since i was 7 :) I digress! Thanks again for giving me something nice to read

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