Say What?

Being an English teacher here in France, I get a front row seat to some pretty hilarious interactions. I know a rather important rule in teaching is ‘don’t laugh at your students’, but sometimes I just can’t help it. So here are some of my favourite quotes from this week:

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All Hail Me!

If there’s one thing the French love it’s weird holidays or ‘fêtes’. They go mad for them.

One that seems to never end is the Epiphany tradition of the ‘galette des rois’ or king cake. Apparently celebrated on the 6th of January, these round, flat cakes can still be bought in supermarkets and boulangeries now (note it is currently February). Either brioche or frangipane, the cake is sliced up and distributed amongst the group. Kids poke and check the undersides of their pieces, hoping to have won the ‘fève’, the little porcelain figurine that’s been baked into the cake. Whoever wins the little trinket is crowned king or queen. Yup, there’s a crown and everything.

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