Make it Click!

After all the photos I’ve been taking in the past year, I realised that since arriving in Toulouse my camera’s just been sitting forgotten in my wardrobe. Well, yesterday it was time to dust it off, charge it up and hit the streets. I took a beginner’s photography course!

I’ve had a vague working knowledge of iso, aperture and shutter speed for a while but it was really great to have someone explain it all properly and put it into practice with my DSLR. No more automatic mode for me! Also the teacher changed the settings on my camera back to “neutral”, as the colour had been set to a cooler setting since November 2013 (Stu!!!).

It was really fun running around Capitole with the other students (and a couple of pals), and hopefully it’ll get me back into taking photos.

Here are a few I took over the course, they aren’t crazy good but I think I’m improving:

 taxi 1

IMG_1943 IMG_1907


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