Writing Challenge

I’m not much of a “join-in-with-the-latest-online-challenge” kind of person. In fact I usually roll my eyes and scroll as quickly as I can when they crop up on the various social networking sites. But this one looks kinda fun and I never share my work so why not!?

This particular one is called the 777 writing challenge, where you go to the 7th page of your “work in progress”, scroll to the 7th line and post the next 7 lines on your blog. After that I guess you tag who you want to do the challenge but meh, whatevs. If you’re reading this and want to join in then let me know, I love reading other people’s work!

The following excerpt is from a new story I’ve just started. I don’t know too much about where it’ll end up, but I can tell you it’s inspired by many of the places I’ve lived in over my last year of adventures.

It’s scary how hard and fast my body reacted, like a gun with a hairline-trigger. One moment I was loading up the car and the next thing I knew I couldn’t breathe. Everything squeezed tight: my chest, my throat, my head. It felt like the ground had opened up beneath me and was crushing me in its dark embrace, burying me beneath its crippling weight. Had I been sick? I can’t remember.

I just remember the monastery looking ten times bigger as they dragged me back inside, the double doorway looming over my spasming body. Drawing me back into its clutches. Its cold stone seemed to absorb the light instead of reflecting it, drinking greedily from the surrounding air.

And there you have it. Like I said above, I don’t really share my work much but it’s cool to have a platform to do so when the mood arises. Yay! Maybe I’ll post more in the future, but for now that’s all folks!


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