A Day in Devonport

The sun was shining on a glorious winter day. It was the first bit of warm-ish weather I’d had since my arrival in NZ and luckily it landed right on the day of our family trip!
Pieces of my family are scattered all over Auckland, from inner-city suburbs to the edge of the Waikato countryside. But we all came together to walk down memory lane in the suburb we grew up in: Devonport.

We started out with a picnic on Cheltenham beach:

IMG_2331 IMG_2344 IMG_2345

Before heading up North Head to enjoy the views and scare each other in the old WWII tunnels:

IMG_2381 IMG_2367 IMG_2379

We wound our way through the town centre, stopping off at the newly refurbished library before gazing across the harbour towards the city:

IMG_2422 IMG_2399 IMG_2414

And before we left, we of course all needed a go on our favourite rope swing:


It’s been a long time since I was back in the suburb of my childhood, even longer since we’d been there as a family, and it was great to wander the familiar paths and discover new treasures along the way. I had definitely forgotten how picturesque Auckland can be and how much I miss the coastline when I’m in Toulouse.


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