Tokyo Take Two

25 hours on a plane? That’s too damn long!

Old El Paso kid: Why don’t you break it up?

… Hooray!

Whereas my last stop over in Japan was during the day, this one was at night. I would be landing around 5pm and would fly out the next day at 10am. Not a lot of time, especially since I planned on sleeping for most of it, but it would do. I booked a hostel in Asakusa as there’s a direct line from the airport (ain’t nobody got time for transfers) and since I’d been to Shibuya/Harajuku already I was keen to see a quieter, more traditional side of Tokyo.

The first thing I noticed when I got off the plane is just how humid Japan is! It was drizzling a bit like last time and was like walking through a greenhouse. I made my way through customs, bought my train ticket and the sun slowly set as we made our way into the city.

It was dark by the time I arrived in Asakusa but the streets were lit up with ornamental gates and giant billboards. I followed the directions to the hostel, getting lost briefly until I could make out the distinctive sounds of loud foreigners (why are English speakers always so loud??).

IMG_2462 IMG_2466

Dropping off my things in the dorm I headed out again, camera in hand, to explore a little. I made a bee-line for the Senso-ji temple and walked through the alleys which by day are crowded with souvenir vendors and food stalls and at night are shut up with illustrations on the doors.




IMG_2457 IMG_2463


My stomach was still feeling strange from the plane so I wasn’t really in the mood to eat, but I was in Japan, I had to eat something! I found a little restaurant and ordered udon soup off the menu. An older man at the table opposite kept trying to engage me in conversation, even though it was obvious I had no idea what he was saying… still he persisted. I managed to explain that I was from New Zealand and he looked it up on his phone, quizzing me about the different landmarks and cities. So much for a quiet meal!

By 10:30 I was heading back to the hostel, feeling rather exhausted and not too eager for my 5:30 start the next morning. But what an amazing feeling to have a shower and lie down in a bed!

Here are some snaps from the next morning:

IMG_2468 IMG_2469


One thought on “Tokyo Take Two”

  1. Hey there! Fab photos of Asakusa, I’m glad that you’re having a great time in Tokyo. I’ve just started a blog about Japan and it’d be great if you could check it out ( and let me know what you think – there isn’t much on there yet but there will be soon! :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! 楽しそう!

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