Disneyland Paris: Make a Wish and Take a Bite

When my sister came over for a visit all those months ago, we went to Carcassonne and Denmark. But we also went to Paris! This was my third time in the city of lovers and snarky Parisians and the age old saying couldn’t have been more true: third time really was the charm.

We spent three action packed days in France’s capital, staying in the art-y quarter of Montmartre. We explored the winding side streets, visited the nuns at Sacre Coeur, sang “God Help the Outcasts” in Notre Dame, visited the Eifle Tower, walked along the Champs Elysee, saw the glass pyramid, drank beer, ate steak and fries, and explored the underground world of Paris’s Catacombs.

Yes, those are skulls behind my travelling companion (is this his debut on my blog??!!)

But it all paled in comparison to my birthday treat: a day at Disneyland Paris. Squee!

On the scale of “Magical” to “Escape From Tomorrow” I wasn’t too sure what side of the spectrum our experience would fall. But I needn’t have worried, if there’s a word that means more magical than magical it was that. I’d like to say that it took me back to my childhood but I love disney movies just as much now as I did then (despite all the horribly problematic aspects of them).

Our morning started with a slight setback as we jumped on the metro and realized we’d left the tickets at the hostel. Thankfully we hadn’t got far and were back on track in no time. We arrived an hour later (around 11-ish) and another realization dawned: we didn’t have the correct train tickets to exit the station. I tried sneaking through the barriers behind someone else and managed to get through without issue. I called to my sister to do the same but just as she was passing through the gates they slammed shut, crushing her all scrunched up between them! They were not letting go and it took a fair amount of time to pry her out (amongst uncontrollable laughter and squeaks of pain). Thankfully, no-one stopped us as we hurried out.

Being mid-week, May, and slightly overcast, Paris Disney was relatively quiet meaning we were able to do everything on our list, jumping between the two parks at will. Excitement was high and even with the occasional burst of rain (it never lasted more than 10 mins) the magic never stopped!


Terrifying favourites that left us absolutely freaked:

Crush’s Coaster
Big Thunder Mountain
Indiana Jones and the Tempil of Peril
Rockin’ Roller Coaster (this one was a little too much for our poor brains)

Favourites that didn’t make us think we were going to die:

Phantom Manor

Surprise over all favourite of the day:

Casey Jr
(we went from “huh?” to “ahh!!!” to singing along)

The ride we were too afraid to try:

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

We also queued up with all the kids to meet Mickey Mouse (or as the French say “Miikay”) He wasn’t very talkative.


One tip for visiting Disneyland Paris is that if you havn’t smuggled in your own picnic, make sure you have plenty to eat before 6pm. After that time all the cheap(ish) restaurants close and you’ll be looking at 25-35 euros per person. We only just got in fast enough and were the last customers the Lady and the Tramp restaurant served that day. They even gave us some complementary garlic bread. Nom!

As it got dark the weather took a turn for the worse, so we didn’t stick around for the fireworks. But that wasn’t a problem as nothing could have spoiled such a magical adventure. Instead, we ended the day with buying all the toys at the gift shop. Yay!



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