The Most Practical of Procrastinations

The gross thing about universities in France is that the exams come in straight after the holidays. It’s like yay holidays! Oh wait, I have six exams to prep for! Well I wasn’t going to be suckered into that.

So instead of studying I decided to get crafty and prep my room for all the writing projects I wanted to get started on. I needed a desk.

In Toulouse there’s this place called Emmaüs. It’s a charity shop for the homeless which mostly deals in second-hand furniture. My flatmate and I were heading out that way anyway to drop off a car load of donations to be shipped off to the refugees up in Calais and across in Greece… I was feeling super social justice-y that day I tell you. Anyway, we looked around a bit and low and behold we found an old desk for the pretty sweet price of 5 euros.


Grabbing the leftover white and yellow paint from our “craft cupboard” (a closet-y thing in the entrance crammed with junk) I got to work.


I chose to put my maths/fine motor skills to the test with a little chevron action, because if you’re going to upcycle you better do it as hipster as possible! –Just don’t look too closely at the finished product cos it’s covered in pencil marks.

IMG_2531 IMG_2532

Et voilà! A sweet little desk that fits perfectly in my sweet little room. It’s been there for almost two weeks now and I’m yet to use it… But one of these days, you mark my words!



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