Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Phew, November’s come and gone and so has nanowrimo. Although 1,667 words a day is not a crazy enormous task, there were definitely days that were a lot more work than others. Especially being at uni all day (so many exams!) and then working well into the evening, the last thing I felt like doing was being creative and writing a novel. Blegh.

But I’m pleased to say I kept at it (with plenty of encouragement from friends and fellow wrimos) and managed to type my 50 thousandth word on the evening of the 30th. Huzzah!

The story isn’t finished and it needs soooo much revising, but I must say I’m rather proud of myself, I’ve never written so many words in such a short space of time… these things usually take me literally years. And it’s great that I can now turn my focus to other things.

On that note, I’ve been rather Toulouse bound for quite some time but I’m super excited to say that there are some rather big travelling adventures coming up this month. So after Christmas I’ll be able to let you all know about those and hopefully post up some new photos as well. Oh man, I haven’t traveled in sooooooo long! Can’t wait!


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