Packing for a Whirlwind Weekend Away

I love popping off on little trips, breaking up the monotony of work and study with a bit of adventurizing. Ok ok, I know I just got back from my week and a half escape to Hungary, but my flatmate and I decided we needed to start 2016 off with a trip. We didn’t know where, but we knew it had to be somewhere new.

Jumping on the Ryan Air website we found Bordeaux-Porto flights for 40 euros return. Crazy!!! And having never been to Portugal we bought the tickets on the spot.

Also, because it’s off-peak season, we were able to score an Airbnb apartment for 30 euros each… yup, that’s for the whole trip. You can’t find a hostel with rates like that!

So now I’m packing for our four days in Portugal and I feel like I got this short-term packing thing down. Trousers, skirt, a few tops and a jumper. Sorted! This worked for ten days in chilly Eastern Europe, it’ll work for Portugal. Yes, I won’t be the most fashionable traveler, I’ll probably wear the same trousers all weekend (what a rebel!), but the outfits are not my reason to travel so meh.

Here are my supplies:


So much green! Oops…

Because I never know how much time I’m going to be walking about with everything, I make sure that what I have won’t become too cumbersome if I have to spend the day lugging it around.


Pro tip: sometimes these cheapy airlines restrict the amount of carry-on bags completely out of the blue, so I make sure I have enough room to shove my satchel bag into my main bag if needed.

I also need lots of room for my camera and a little for toiletries (though I don’t take a lot). Lastly, I make sure I have a phone charger and a notebook (thanks superlibraire for this super cute one!), and that’s it! Guide books/tablets/extra clothes/fancy doo-dads are just a waste of space. And really, as long as I have money and a passport I’m good –real talk.

Prepare the Port Houses, Portugal here we come!


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