That Time in Switzerland

Oh yea, I was supposed to write about that time I was in Switzerland… So I was in Switzerland this one time…for roughly 12 hours…over New Year’s.
It went something like this:

On our return from Hungary, my friend and I discovered that the cheapest flights would take us to Zurich for the New Year. Well that’s cool! So even though we wouldn’t have a lot of time, why would we turn down the chance to catch a glimpse at a new city? Well, we wouldn’t, so we booked the flight.

Two days before our departure it kinda hit us that we’d have no where to sleep. And being in the middle of winter, we weren’t too keen to risk sleeping in a park. We hit up quite a few people on couchsurfing, but obviously, being December 31st, most people had their plans pretty down. Sleeping in the airport it would have to be… great.

The day before our impending leap into the unknown, we found a couchsurfing event , ya know the type, “ring in the New Year with a lot of other lonely travelers”. It was our last chance to find shelter so we hit them up, saying we’d swing by and it would be super cool if someone could set us up for the night. And it worked! A girl from Buenos Aires said we could crash at hers. Score!

I must say, she was a chatty one! But super nice.

We went to see the fireworks, and even though the fog had followed us from Hungary, it was still really impressive. The fog amplified the pyrotechnics so that the entire sky lit up in a vast array of colours. Our host then led us around the city a bit, showing us the old town lit up in spectacular Christmas garb. It was magical.

But Zurich is expensive, and after using up a fair bit of moo-lah on the ol’ public transport, we crashed top-and-tail style on the large couch.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to see a bit of the cold, quiet city in the light of the early morning sun, before jumping on the train to the airport.





Oh, and The Alps poking up above the clouds as we flew back to France were a really cool sight!



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