Super Libraire! Adventures of a bookseller

What if I told you there are people, people who look just like you and me, who have the knowledge to open our eyes to whole new worlds. You’ve probably over-looked them, seeing nothing in their outward appearance to suggest the secrets just below the surface. They are the silent footfalls in a quiet store, the cryptic glance over a computer screen, the soft rustle of pages of a book you can’t quite make out.

And while you go about your day, studying and working and feeding your cat, they are entering these unseen worlds, searching for the places that will make your heart race, your hair stand on end, your palms tingle with excitement and wonder and terror.

They are navigators, guides, intrepid explorers rushing into the unknown, blazing the trail by which you can follow.

But who are these mythical people? Why, they are the ones in your libraries, your bookstores, the ones sitting at home writing countless reviews and posts for their blogs. They’re the people you turn to while staring up at the book-covered shelves, overwhelmed by choice and a desire to just grab them all. They’re the ones who take you by the hand (metaphorically of course) and lead you to that world that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Last year I befriended one of these guardians of the written word. And the very best in the trade: the type that specializes in Young Adult. I watched her face light up as she recommended her favourites, naming authors and characters like old friends. She works in an international bookshop here in France, and writes a blog on the side (in French) under the name of Super Libraire (aka, Super Bookseller).

But now she’s launched a brand new youtube channel to share her love of books with even more people, and it’s super cool/funny/cute. It’s all in French of course, but she’s so nice that she’s even added English subtitles just for us. Yay! And that’s the great thing about books: the stories bring people together. We may be from completely different countries, backgrounds, cultures. We may not even be able to communicate in the same language. But true storytelling can break down those barriers and give us all a place where we can get lost in these other worlds together.

Here’s her introduction video. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to discover new books through her upcoming posts. Enjoy!


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