Bands, Brownies, and Books in Southampton

I don’t like being in one place for too long. That’s just the way it is. So in between exam weeks I jumped on a plane and paid a visit to my family who’ve recently moved from Auckland, New Zealand to Southampton, England. Yup, just a little bit closer. The choice of weekend had nothing to do with a certain band playing in Southampton at the same time… maybe.

It was good catching up with my weirdo relatives and getting in on the constant roasting that rips through my siblings; my parents occasionally getting in on the action too. Not everyone has beds yet, but the piano arrived while I was there so it’s good to know our priorities are on point.

The weather was crazy good, dispelling all my stereotypes of rainy England as I tanned (and maybe slightly over-cooked) in the garden. Marveling at our sunburnt bellies, my two sisters and I then headed off for a night at Southampton’s celebrated live music venue: The Joiners.


With a capacity of 200, it was the perfect place to grab a beer and get amongst the deafening wails of electric guitars. The line-up included Rozwell Kid, The Hoteliers, and (the one I’d flown over to see) Into It. Over It. WHAT. A. NIGHT. The band members even hung out at the merch table afterwards so we got to chat with our faves (which included my sister creeping on the drummer from The Hoteliers… too good!).




The next day was still pretty steamy so we walked into town to check out Sprinkles, Southampton’s ice cream bar. With a million different flavours of ice cream and all the desserts you can imagine it was all a little overwhelming. We settled on milkshakes and a cookie to share.


Before I left England there was just one more thing I needed to do. Bookshop trawling. Because I’m only staying in France for a few more months, I’ve been trying to limit the amount of books that seem to appear overnight on my desk. I even tried to lighten the load by bringing four of them over to store in my parents’ house. But the temptation of new books were just too strong for me to resist

… I bought five.

Book haul

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness is even a signed copy which is super rad! Can’t wait to get stuck into these.

Monday night I caught the train to Gatwick airport (a few hiccups including cancelled connecting trains made this little journey a bit more of an adventure than I was expecting). I arrived at 1am and got a few snoozes in before my morning flight back to Toulouse. From there I went straight to uni for my afternoon exams (Methodology and then Literature) before running off to my teaching job. I got home close to 9 that night. Phew!

But what a fantastic weekend!


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