The Liebster Award (for once in my life!)

As some of you may have noticed, my blog is crazy old.

Screenshot (23)
(Thanks Kate Beaton)

Anyway, I started this blog not knowing what I was going to write about. So I wrote about my bike… And cycle lanes in Auckland, NZ… and different cycle laws and events… The stuff people really care about ya know??

And then I went travelling and it kind of turned into a travel blog to make up for the fact that I’m not so good at keeping my friends and family updated on the reg.

So obviously I wasn’t so into the whole “blogging community”, I didn’t really care who read my blog and I didn’t follow many people in return. Thus when I was nominated for The Liebster Award, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I just shrugged my shoulders and went about my business.

But now I have a second chance thanks to Story Nook, so why not make up for lost time?!

Here are her questions:

  1. If you could jump in a time machine and travel back in time, what period would you travel to?
    Difficult, I guess it would depend on where in the social class system I’d end up! Maybe the Middle Ages but in Scandinavia since women had all the rights and were also bad-ass Vikings along with the guys (fun fact, a third of Vikings were women).
    Or Victorian England because… well… enough said.
  2. What is your favourite TV show right now?
    Hmmm, I’m watching Game of Thrones at the moment but I can’t say it’s my favourite… Maybe something old school like Veronica Mars.
  3. Can you speak any other languages?
    I speak French.
  4. What is your favourite word?
    Butts. I know it’s my favourite word because my 10y/o French student says it all the time. Ooops!
  5. Who was your favourite childhood tv show character?
    Mike from The Monkees… I had a thing for tall guys in beanies.
  6. Do you believe in ghosts?
    No, but I’m still terrified of them.
  7. What do you order from the takeaway (anywhere you want)?
    Either Sweet and Sour Pork or Fish and Chips.
  8. What is your favourite chocolate bar?
  9. Describe your ideal holiday
    Visiting a city I’ve never seen before, preferably on a bike with a picnic lunch.
  10. Take a picture that sums you up (but isn’t a selfie)
    cat coaster.jpg
    I tried to make a cat-bum coaster and it went a bit wonky. But I will try again until I get it right!!! (Also if anyone wants this sad little thing I’ll be happy to send it to you, he’s in need of a home).

My nominees are some of my newest followers: That Little GirlThe Book Crunch and Ginger St George.

And my 10 (phew!) instructions/questions are:

  1. Upload the cover of a book you’re currently reading
  2. What are your thoughts so far?
  3. Upload the cover of one of your favourite albums
  4. What’s your favourite song off that album?
  5. Upload a photo from a recent trip
  6. What’s the best thing you did there?
  7. Upload a picture of your current/past pet
  8. What’s the weirdest thing they’ve done?
  9. Upload a gif from your favourite cartoon
  10. What’s your favourite quote from the above series/film?

Have fun!


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