Empire of Storms

First of all I want to say that I am so glad I read The Assassin’s Blade last month in preparation for this release. I’ve never been one to read the novellas that are oh so trend for authors to write at the moment. The little slices of story that show a different character’s perspective or an off-shoot plotpoint not covered in the main series. Never interested. But in the case of Throne of Glass, READ THE SHORT STORIES.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way we can continue.

Not being a Harry Potter reader, I’d never been caught up in the excitement of a new release but man, did I get caught up in this one! I ordered the signed edition and turned up bright and early at the local Waterstones to collect it on the 6th. Yay for signed things!


I then cloistered myself away and declared that I was not, under any circumstances, to be disturbed.

Vague impressions:

Things get serious in this new installment. Deadly serious. With so much fighting and planning and a myriad of setbacks, this one definitely has a tighter tone about it. Although we still get the occasional glimpse of swaggering Celaena Sardothien… I missed her. I wanted more sneak attacks and bravado and hilarious sass. Believe me, it is there, but just in smaller quantities. I get that everything is ramping up… but still.

Sarah J Mass’ trademark sauce that we’ve come to know in the ACOTAR series makes a pretty decent showing in this one. It’s not as prolific as ACOTAR but it’s there all the same. Though honestly, I don’t really mind if it’s there or not… but it does tend to remind me of the fanfics 15 year old me read back in the day.

The side characters are great. Where as in the earlier books I was kind of meh about the side plots, wanting to get back to Celaena/Aelin, now I look forward to seeing what’s up with Manon and Elide etc…

Aedion is great!

Fans of Chaol will be disappointed.

Does Sarah J Maas ever know how to bring a million threads together! I am completely in awe of how that woman fits all the puzzle pieces together.

Celaena is crazy powerful but not infallible… No one likes a hero who can do everything on her own.

Apparently I still have tears left in reserve after reading Me Before You.

This wasn’t my favourite book in the series, but it was still pretty rutting good! Even with all the hype, I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns of this one and managed to get it read in two days. Now the wait begins to see what happens next! … it’s going to be a long year.

4 out of 5 stars


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