Reading Wrap-Up + Haul | September

The weather’s getting chillier, which means it’s been the perfect month to get some reading in! Even though I’ve started a new job (skip to the end to find out more), I’ve managed to cram a few pretty great reads in, and even wrote some reviews. Imagine that!

So here’s a wrap-up of all the bookish things I’ve been diving into this month:


The Lie Tree
I started the month off on a high with this fantastically dark YA read. So high in fact that I gave it a five star review. Atmospheric and absorbing, this one had me gripped from the first page to the last. Definitely a highly recommended read for any lovers of Victorian gothic.




Anna and the French Kiss
Another YA but with a very different tone, I was slightly disappointed by this one I’m afraid. A fun, light read with many relate-able moments for anyone who’s studied abroad, the clichéd characters and frustrating plot points just couldn’t lift it above average for me. Still, an enjoyable, at times romantic, romp.




Empire of Storms
My most highly anticipated read of the month. Guys, this book was so great!!! Not exactly my favourite in the series, but Sarah J Maas just cannot disappoint when it comes to these books. Fun and dark and dizzying in scope, if you’re a lover of YA fantasy and haven’t read this one yet, then what are you doing with your life???? Seriously.



Most definitely one for mature readers, this one was Creepy with a capital C. Although it felt fresh and innovative, the narrative suffered from a predictable plot and unlikable characters. But it’s one that will pull you in and leave you thinking about it for days later. Plus it got my little sister reading again, so yay!



Small Great Things
With diversity in literature finally getting the attention it deserves, this newest release from Jodi Picoult feels like a timely addition to the conversation. It was a really immersive read and, I feel, a great introduction for readers who aren’t too familiar with the rhetoric surrounding racial privilege and discrimination. Although a little simplistic, it’s nice to see a popular author take on some of today’s most pressing issues.


The Miniaturist
I finished the month how I started it, with an atmospheric period piece. Unfortunately, at times the atmosphere took over completely, dragging the plot along at a limping pace. But I still really liked this one, a story about people trapped by circumstances beyond their control. I also find post-reformation Netherlands a really intriguing setting, so that added to my interest.


And finally the big reveal: I got a job. In Publishing. In London. YAY!

I’m already two weeks in and I’m absolutely loving it. I mean, I get to be around books all day, how awesome is that?! Not to mention I get to read as many ARCs I can get my hands on… It doesn’t feel quite real. I’ve always found the publishing world completely fascinating, and now I get to see every step of creating a book first hand. Eeep!

Here’s a photo of this month’s haul, most coming from my work though All The Light We Cannot See was a charity shop find:



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