Reading Wrap-up + Haul | October

Fireworks are gong off right now outside my window and they’re so sparkly and beautiful! Nov 5th is so great… though not if you’re Guy Fawkes going through three days of torture to buy your pals time to escape, only to find out the fools didn’t even leave the city. Seriously, people are ridic.

Another thing that’s ridic are some of the amazing books I read this month. There weren’t so many this time round, but there was some serious quality!

Six crooked.jpg

Six of Crows | Crooked Kingdom
If you missed my post gushing about how great this series is and how I got my copy signed by Leigh Bardugo, head on over here… it covers it pretty thoroughly and I really have nothing more to add. Except READ THEM!


Lie With Me
This was the first of this month’s work reads. I really enjoyed this psychological thriller, though I’ve discovered that I have a really bad reaction to books about people digging themselves holes with lies. I get so anxious I can’t take it!! This one was particularly good/angst ridden because all the protag’s lies were things that, given the same situation, I would probably say too. Eesh, too close to home!



The Girl Before
My second thriller for the month, and one that I liked even better than the first, was The Girl Before… probably because it didn’t involve cringe/lie-ridden situations. It was weird, but in a good way, and I really loved the way the mystery all wrapped itself up. A really absorbing read.




Strange the Dreamer
But everything I read this month paled in comparison to Laini Taylor’s newest novel. Oh my sweet goods, I was in love with this one from the first page. Magic and beautiful story telling and incredible plotting/characters/world building. I am totally smitten and am now desperate to pick up this author’s past books. Strange the Dreamer isn’t out until March but grab it as soon as you can!

In other exciting, bookish news, I was lucky enough to meet a few other authors and get some books signed. London is the best, so many events!

The authors were Becky Chambers — author of The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet — and Cornelia Funke… yes, the Cornelia Funke. Both these incredible ladies were crazy lovely and I’m super excited to read their latest work!

Which just so happen to be included in this month’s book haul, along with a few other treats:


(That bottom one is my copy of The Girl Before… if you read it, you’ll understand the colour choice).

Now off to kick NanoWrimo’s butt! … I’m only 2,000 words in. Ooops!


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