Foxes, Aussies, and Making Pals

The light fitting in my room exploded today (internally, so no exciting glass showers for me), and since the millions of tea lights dotted everywhere aren’t bright enough to read by, I’m going to start a new blog series. Ooh, fancy!

This series will document my move to London and all the trials and tribulations inherent in finding your place in a big city. I also want it to be somewhat collaborative, so if you have any topics you’d like covered or burning questions answered, then please leave a comment (even if it’s just to moan with me about the tube being delayed… again!).

I thought it might be fun to start my first post on a lighter note, so I’m diving into twitter to relive my first impressions of this often times seriously random city.

Within the first few days, this happened:

screenshot-33[tweet: Barely tree days into my new life in London and i’ve made a new pal! #london #fox #isthisNarnia??]

Honestly, he was standing on the corner for ages as we stared each other out. It wasn’t until he started to run away that I realised I could not let this photo op pass me by!

And unfortunately, much like the fox, I was very much homeless at this time:

[tweet: Flat hunting in London is so stressful! I haven’t even started yet and I’m already contemplating just living under a bridge #trolllife]

So I was staying at a youth hostel. And that night I woke up and this happened:

screenshot-35[tweet: waking up to a drunk australian pissing on the floor and covering it with a duvet… #hostellife]

So obviously I decided to look for alternative accommodation, and this happened:

[tweet: Couchsurf host: I don’t have a couch, I just share my double bed.
And the hunt continues #london #stillhomeless]

Then that weekend I was reading in a café, a woman came and sat next to me, and this happened:

[tweet: Old lady in costa: you seen David Beckham’s tattoos? Imagine me having sex with him, like looking at godzilla or a monster or something!]

[tweet: Old lady in costa: i dont spend much. I have an overdraft, but i sing for my bank manager and make him forget #london]

[tweet: Old lady in costa: you like black tights? Someone left a shopping bag at the bus stop, here take them]

[tweet: Old lady in costa: I bought these man-made diamonds for my ring. I cant wait to put them on the gas fire and watch them shine! #london]

[tweet: Old lady in costa: I bought these man-made diamonds for my ring. I cant wait to put them on the gas fire and watch them shine! #london]

[tweet: Old lady in costa: my other diamond was better, but it exploded when i put it in the gas fire.]

And just when I thought there’d be no more surprises, a few days later this happened:

[tweet: Was just invited to join the local quidditch team… I guess this is the part where i don’t tell them I never read Harry Potter :/]

And that pretty much wraps up my first impressions of London. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better first week. I mean, I even got a free pair of tights!

And if you want to follow along in real-time, come hang out with me over here


7 thoughts on “Foxes, Aussies, and Making Pals”

  1. Hahaha wow- you had an eventful week! Haha i wish my time in London was this crazy and eventful- the only thing that I have seen is the foxes- maybe it’s just the fact I’m so used to weirdness that I don’t notice it… But still! Hilarious post!

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