End Of Year Wrap-Up + Haul

Happy 2017!!!!

It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was living in the first city in the world to see the sun, being woken by my sister’s toy Pikachu so we could run out to the dawn concert before what ever Y2K was could destroy us all. That was 17 years ago, imagine!

And now I’m here, in London, working in publishing and basically being an adult. What a time to be alive.

So, anyway, bookish things. Here are the books that helped me see 2016 to a close:


He Said/ She Said
I’ve been reading a surprising amount of psychological thrillers lately, but He Said/ She Said was the last for 2016. It deals with a pretty heavy subject matter (everything spirals out of control when a couple interrupt a rape), but the plot doesn’t get stuck there and actually rushes really cleverly into a pacy thriller where victim and aggressor get switched and switched again. And I didn’t see the twist coming, so that’s a big plus!


A Darker Shade of Magic
This is one I actually wrote a review of. Hooray! Although enjoyable, I was a bit disappointed by A Darker Shade of Magic. I guess the hype didn’t help either. As I mention in my review, all the elements were there to make a great story, but it just fell flat with its lack of depth.




I love love loved this one! (and I’m not just saying that because Riverrun is one of the imprints I work for). This had all the Gothic elements and literary allusions that I love burrowing into. Also, I find Postnatal Depression absolutely terrifying, so the heavy atmosphere absolutely got me.




Station Eleven
I’ve been reading this one for months (since August??) but I kept getting sidetracked. Now it’s finally finished and I thought it was great! Post-Apocalyptic Speculative Fiction is really not my go-to genre, but Station Eleven is about characters more than plot/survival, so I was very much on board. Highly recommend!



The Vegetarian
What can I say, The Vegetarian was beautiful and traumatic and tough and immersive and difficult to put down even when I wanted to. Mental illness and eating disorders and the treatment of women in Korea made this a disturbing but spellbinding read that very much earned its 2016 Man Booker International Prize. Not for the fainthearted but an important read nevertheless.



I’ll Eat When I’m Dead
Dealing with some of the same issues as The Vegetarian, but with a much lighter tone, I’ll Eat When I’m Dead is a murder mystery set at a fashion magazine. Although at times the author’s feminist message pushed itself a little too heavy handedly into the forefront, this was still a fun and at times grotesque read that, once I got used to the style, I very much enjoyed.



HAUL HAUL HAUL! Now for the most exciting part of this post, look at all these beautiful new babies I got:

haul dec.jpg

If I Was Your Girl was sent to me by the lovely TSDD blog as part of a bookish secret santa set up by Charlotte over at Wonderfully Bookish. Thank you lovelies!!!

This One Summer was a Christmas present from my sister, while Norwegian Wood and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (LOVE THIS BOOK) were presents to myself.

The rest are work related but equally as exciting!


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