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Getting Festive in Wales

Last month I did a thing. Imagine that! My flatmate and I sauntered over to Wales for a bit of clean air, cold cider and folk music. Oh and rain. There was rain there.

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Foxes, Aussies, and Making Pals

The light fitting in my room exploded today (internally, so no exciting glass showers for me), and since the millions of tea lights dotted everywhere aren’t bright enough to read by, I’m going to start a new blog series. Ooh, fancy!

This series will document my move to London and all the trials and tribulations inherent in finding your place in a big city. I also want it to be somewhat collaborative, so if you have any topics you’d like covered or burning questions answered, then please leave a comment (even if it’s just to moan with me about the tube being delayed… again!).

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