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The Heatwave, The Police, and A Song About Pasta

You may have heard about the heatwave that hit the UK last week. I know, it sounds like a joke. And really, the Australians are well within their rights to poke fun at the POMs for complaining about the 34°C weather. Still, let the following cautionary tale be a warning to you that heatwaves are no joking matter… or you can just laugh along at my devastating embarrassment. That works too.

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Big City Dating… or The Terrors of Tinder

Alright, I’m just going to come right out and say it. Living in a big city can get lonely. Yes, there are literally millions of people around me all the time, but tricking them into a conversation, that’s the challenging part. In the words of almost all my pals “But how do you meeeet people??”

And the answer seems to quite often be “…Tinder?” followed by a very hasty cringe.

So yea. I did it. I downloaded Tinder. And the results were — how do you say? — frightening. So here’s a very visual trip down my dating journey:

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Of Hares and Hounds

Expats: that crazy, adventurous and down right bizarre group of humans who flee their home countries only to flock together in the hopes of creating a little bit of home in a foreign territory. I’d hoped to steer clear of big English speaking groups here in France, but this weekend I tumbled head first down the rabbit (or should I say hare??) hole that is eccentric expats and their gallivanting.

I have fallen into the clutches of the Hash House Harriers.

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Talent Overload


In case you didn’t know, my super talented and creative little sister draws the cartoons that occasionally crop up on my blog. Often I’ll be writing something and flick her a text like “I’m writing about xyz… can you send me a picture for it…like now?” and bam! My wish comes true and I have a super cute picture to make my words more exciting.

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