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End Of Year Wrap-Up + Haul

Happy 2017!!!!

It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was living in the first city in the world to see the sun, being woken by my sister’s toy Pikachu so we could run out to the dawn concert before what ever Y2K was could destroy us all. That was 17 years ago, imagine!

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Super Libraire! Adventures of a bookseller

What if I told you there are people, people who look just like you and me, who have the knowledge to open our eyes to whole new worlds. You’ve probably over-looked them, seeing nothing in their outward appearance to suggest the secrets just below the surface. They are the silent footfalls in a quiet store, the cryptic glance over a computer screen, the soft rustle of pages of a book you can’t quite make out.

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So Much Sad

Are YA novels getting sadder or am I just getting more in touch with my inner angsty teen?

I’d had a bit of a break from teen fiction for a while, not because I don’t enjoy it, just because I had other things taking up my time. But I decided that as I started traveling I could use those familiar books to fill in the silence of the plane, train or empty hostel.
Cue the waterworks.
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