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Super Libraire! Adventures of a bookseller

What if I told you there are people, people who look just like you and me, who have the knowledge to open our eyes to whole new worlds. You’ve probably over-looked them, seeing nothing in their outward appearance to suggest the secrets just below the surface. They are the silent footfalls in a quiet store, the cryptic glance over a computer screen, the soft rustle of pages of a book you can’t quite make out.

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So Much Sad

Are YA novels getting sadder or am I just getting more in touch with my inner angsty teen?

I’d had a bit of a break from teen fiction for a while, not because I don’t enjoy it, just because I had other things taking up my time. But I decided that as I started traveling I could use those familiar books to fill in the silence of the plane, train or empty hostel.
Cue the waterworks.
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