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An Open Letter to Auckland Transport

As more cyclists hit the roads of Auckland, it is becoming glaringly apparent that a lot has to change for cycling to become a viable option for many of the city’s residents. And you know what? Plans are finally being approved and there is now a conscious push from all sides to make Auckland a safer place for those with pedals. Hooray!

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The forecast was abysmal. When asked what I was up to on the weekend I sighed and answered “staying indoors I guess”. But then, then! As the clouds were rolling in on a dreary Saturday morning, the sun decided we should have summer after all. And we were off!

Take me to Ciclovia!

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On your bike, love.

I’ve fallen in love with an inanimate object. It’s been coming on for a while now, but yesterday it hit me.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a weird fetishistic thing like those women who smear themselves with the grease from Ferris Wheels or gyrate on picket fences. Creeeepy! And it’s not an idealistic love where the mere idea of it appeals to me. No, the love I hold for my bike is not only aesthetic but entirely practical.

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