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Blazing a Trail Through Cinque Terre

Day the first; or, it’s only up from here

-What are your plans?
-Beach or trail?
-A bit of both I guess

She looks us up and down in distaste, her eyes linger on our footwear.

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Taken With Tuscany

Oh my sweet goods guys, Italy is so beautiful!!!

Summer holiday season is upon us and, even though I don’t get set holidays at my current job, I took a week off to visit one of my oldest friends (as in I’ve known her for a long time, not that I’m pals with a granny) who recently moved to Florence. I can’t believe it’s taken me soooo long to visit Italy, but better late than never!

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Toulouse: Street Art

My time in Toulouse is coming to a close. In six weeks I’ll be wedging books into every available space of luggage and flying to England to start my new adventure. But after two years in my adopted home town, I’m realizing that this blog hasn’t shown La Ville Rose a huge amount of love. So it is now my mission to amend such an oversight and give you all a glimpse of my favourite city in France.

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Travel, TBR, and Scary Adult Life Stuff

May has been a bit of a transition month.

I finished the last of my exams; ending my French uni experience. I started a new English teaching job that is soooo much more flexible than anything else I’ve had (and better paid). And it was my birthday, party times! –And also one year closer to my quarter life crisis.

All in all not too shabby. So here’s a wrap up on the month of May and what I’m aiming to achieve over the next year (because lists are fun and if I write out my wishes they might just come true!).

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