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The Heatwave, The Police, and A Song About Pasta

You may have heard about the heatwave that hit the UK last week. I know, it sounds like a joke. And really, the Australians are well within their rights to poke fun at the POMs for complaining about the 34°C weather. Still, let the following cautionary tale be a warning to you that heatwaves are no joking matter… or you can just laugh along at my devastating embarrassment. That works too.

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Foxes, Aussies, and Making Pals

The light fitting in my room exploded today (internally, so no exciting glass showers for me), and since the millions of tea lights dotted everywhere aren’t bright enough to read by, I’m going to start a new blog series. Ooh, fancy!

This series will document my move to London and all the trials and tribulations inherent in finding your place in a big city. I also want it to be somewhat collaborative, so if you have any topics you’d like covered or burning questions answered, then please leave a comment (even if it’s just to moan with me about the tube being delayed… again!).

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Travel, TBR, and Scary Adult Life Stuff

May has been a bit of a transition month.

I finished the last of my exams; ending my French uni experience. I started a new English teaching job that is soooo much more flexible than anything else I’ve had (and better paid). And it was my birthday, party times! –And also one year closer to my quarter life crisis.

All in all not too shabby. So here’s a wrap up on the month of May and what I’m aiming to achieve over the next year (because lists are fun and if I write out my wishes they might just come true!).

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