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National Identity: How straightforward is it?

As I stuff two years worth of accumulated junk into a giant suitcase, ready for my next big move, the question of nationality has hit me with full force. It’s something I’ve thought about for a while, but now that I’m moving to the the country of my forebearers, it has taken on a greater significance.

What is my nationality, how deeply am I affected by it, and is it even important?

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A Day in Devonport

The sun was shining on a glorious winter day. It was the first bit of warm-ish weather I’d had since my arrival in NZ and luckily it landed right on the day of our family trip!
Pieces of my family are scattered all over Auckland, from inner-city suburbs to the edge of the Waikato countryside. But we all came together to walk down memory lane in the suburb we grew up in: Devonport.

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