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Christmas in the Motherland

The weather was getting colder, the Christmas markets had sprung up and the chocolate bûche cakes were appearing in the patisseries. Yup, my very first winter Christmas was upon me. And what better way to celebrate than a pilgrimage to the Motherland: England here I come!

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Getting My Hunt On

I am so sleepy, this setting up in a new country thing is hard! Not only is there all the job hunting junk to do –endlessly walking through the city handing out CVs to whomever I can guilt-trip into taking them—but the whole “finding somewhere to live or you’ll be out on the street” rubbish as well. Blegh!

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Dragons, Road Trips and a Whole New World

“This is the kingdom-dom! This is a kingdom-dom!”

All I will remember about the eight hour drive from one side of France to the other, squished in between two squabbling kids, is that one refrain. Shouted. On a loop. In a distant monotone voice. Imagine Dragons, why you gotta be kiddie catnip?? At least it stopped them fighting over whose turn it was to play Cut the Rope.

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Reclaiming My Bod Through the Miracle of Travel

I can’t have been more than 7 when my grandma offered to pray that God wouldn’t let me get any more moles. I don’t remember much after that except a sudden surge of anger (the type that often led my mum to lecturing me on self-control during my childhood), followed by me storming out of the room. I was incredibly insulted and, perhaps for the first time, made to feel that awful self-consciousness that continues to develop as we grow.

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First World Problems of the Traveling Kind

With the emotional numbness I felt before my departure following me like a comforting apathetic shadow, I’ve been able to avoid not only the extreme highs but the extreme lows that come with traveling alone. Yes, it’s frustrating that the only time I’ve really felt any heightened emotion was when my camera ran out of batteries, but I’m grateful for the equilibrium I’ve managed to keep. Even if I’ve experienced some beautiful moments in a rather detached way (I just want to feel!).

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