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Reading Wrap-up + Haul | October

Fireworks are gong off right now outside my window and they’re so sparkly and beautiful! Nov 5th is so great… though not if you’re Guy Fawkes going through three days of torture to buy your pals time to escape, only to find out the fools didn’t even leave the city. Seriously, people are ridic.

Another thing that’s ridic are some of the amazing books I read this month. There weren’t so many this time round, but there was some serious quality!

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Travel, TBR, and Scary Adult Life Stuff

May has been a bit of a transition month.

I finished the last of my exams; ending my French uni experience. I started a new English teaching job that is soooo much more flexible than anything else I’ve had (and better paid). And it was my birthday, party times! –And also one year closer to my quarter life crisis.

All in all not too shabby. So here’s a wrap up on the month of May and what I’m aiming to achieve over the next year (because lists are fun and if I write out my wishes they might just come true!).

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