Funky Tips for Learning French

Are these tips funky? No. By using the word funky do I think I’m making myself seem cool? No. Is this title the first thing that came into my head and now I can’t be bothered to change it? That would be a resounding yes. Now onto the overhyped and totally unfunky tips to acquiring a foreign (read French) language. Because obviously I’m a bilingual linguistic genius with a vast and varied knowledge of all things language-y.

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Dragons, Road Trips and a Whole New World

“This is the kingdom-dom! This is a kingdom-dom!”

All I will remember about the eight hour drive from one side of France to the other, squished in between two squabbling kids, is that one refrain. Shouted. On a loop. In a distant monotone voice. Imagine Dragons, why you gotta be kiddie catnip?? At least it stopped them fighting over whose turn it was to play Cut the Rope.

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