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Toulouse: Street Art

My time in Toulouse is coming to a close. In six weeks I’ll be wedging books into every available space of luggage and flying to England to start my new adventure. But after two years in my adopted home town, I’m realizing that this blog hasn’t shown La Ville Rose a huge amount of love. So it is now my mission to amend such an oversight and give you all a glimpse of my favourite city in France.

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Cordes-Sur-Ciel and All the Wine

Hey hey!

I start my first day as a receptionist at the university today… yup, a French university where my job will be completely in French. Eeep!!!

So to take my mind off my impending doom and total embarrassment, I have made a cup of tea and I’m going to tell you about my trip to Cordes-Sur-Ciel.

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